Company readiness:

We help put all communication, monitoring and reporting structures in place and teach your staff how to fulfill compliance with regulatory disclosure. Among these:

  • Online research tools training
  • Effective use of contact management database
  • Teach news tracking and peer analysis for internal dissemination
  • Internal reporting and planning for quarterly earnings
  • Vendor selection
  • Training in professional responses to routine investor/analyst requests
  • Preparation and implementation of policies and procedures (including disclosure policy, insider trading, quiet period)
  • Systematize quality control of all company materials

Company Communications:

  • Press release counsel and editorial support
  • Counsel on effective Q&A with stakeholders
  • Tactical and practical advice for communications strategies
  • Training for television and print media interviews
  • Presentation and script reading training
  • Cross-cultural business etiquette  

Strategic Counsel:

  • Best Practice in regulatory compliance
  • Strategic Planning advice from communications angle
  • Practical advice on combining IR with effective marketing and PR
  • Expectations management
  • Message development
  • Public listing issues from an investor relations perspective
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Corporate governance issues